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Specially Appointed Professor
Masaki Ikematsu,

Developed super lithium ion conductor with the world’s highest conductivity solid electrolyte

A research group led by Professor Ryoji Kanno, Specially Appointed Associate Professor Satoshi Hori of our laboratory, Professor Takashi Saito of the Institute of Materials Structure Science, High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, and Professor Teruyasu Mizoguchi of the Institute of Industrial Science, University of Tokyo, has developed a super-lithium (Li) ion conductor with the world’s highest conductivity solid electrolyte.

Using the developed material, they fabricated a thick-film cathode with 1.8 times the current capacity per electrode area, and realized an all-solid-state battery that exhibits high-capacity and high-current characteristics by utilizing the thick-film cathode and a lithium metal anode, which is attracting attention as a next-generation battery material.

The research results were published in the U.S. scientific journal Science on July 6, 2023 (local time).

For details, please see the following link.

Tokyo Tech News “New Design Rule for High-Entropy Superionic Solid-State Conductors”